Ayurdhara Ayurvedic Centre is a unique traditional Ayurvedic centre where traditional qualities and excellence meets affordability.
Ayurveda –Ayushovedam Ayurvedam -The science of life

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of medicine, which treats the body and mind psychosomatic treatment -A truly holistic and integral medical system dealing with both preventive and curative aspects of life in most comprehensive way. Ayurveda treats the causes of the disease rather than the symptoms and improves the immunity of the body without creating any side effects .Because of the preventive nature and lack of side effects, Ayurveda gained its worldwide popularity and gained its acceptance in UAE .

As per the basic principles of Ayurveda, the biological rhythm and the psychosomatic activity in the body have been manifested at micro and macro level as vata, pitta, and kapha in the physical level and satwa, rajas and thamas in the mental level. So disturbance in the above will result in diseases and the balance of the Doshas will result in health. All Ayurvedic wellness and therapeutic prescription are focused on bringing the balance in the body in psychosomatic level.

About us

Experience the wellness and healing of Ayurveda in its true spirit & richness at Ayurdhara Ayurvedic centre. Ayurvedic consultation explores your physical, mental & emotional health to help you to understand your unique energetic constitution that determines your body type and your current imbalance. We are specialized in authentic Indian Ayurvedic herbal medicated oil therapy and panchakarma therapies.

We provide Ayurvedic treatment in all the aspects of life which emphasize the importance of the living harmony with the nature. By following the values of Ayurveda instructed by the Acharyas – health and wellness to all, we are passionate about the healing power of Ayurveda and its ability to help maintain good health.

We provide all sorts of curative as well as wellness therapies by licensed technicians under the supervision of experienced and licensed Doctors without losing the authenticity of Ayurveda in an environment of modern amenities.

Our Mission

  • Authentic Traditional Ayurvedic Therapies andTreatments without any Side Effect.
  • Maintain the Normal Health of a Healthy person through Wellness Programmes.
  • Cure the Disease of Diseased Person through Ayurvedic Treatments and Therapies.
  • Prevention of Illness through Life Style Management.
  • Health Awareness and Better Health to all.

What we Do

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Ayurvedic doctor consultation

Prakriti analysis

Ayurvedic therapies

Panchakarma therapies

Herbal beauty therapies

Skin care

Post natal care

Best Ayurvedic female Doctor in Dubai-UAE


BAMS , MD Ayu (Kayachikisthsa)

Medical Director and Ayurveda practitioner

Dr Kaveri Vasantha Ram is Post-graduate in Ayurveda from Rajeev Gandhi University of Health and Science, Bangalore . She have good experience in the field of Ayurveda in India and UAE. Presently working as Medical director cum Ayurveda practitioner  at Ayurdhara Ayurvedic Centre ,Karama Dubai UAE.

Former Assistant Professor and medical officer at Ahalia Ayurvedic Medical College,Palakkad, Her area of expertise lies both preventive as well as curative methods of degenerative and lifestyle diseases. Specializes in Infertility, Spondylosis, Rheumatoid & Osteo-Arthritis, Gout , Skin Diseases – Psoriasis & Eczema , Diabetes, PCOS , Stress, Anxiety and Sleep disorders.