Ayurveda: Comprehensive Health Solution for 2023 – Part 2

BY ayurdhara|July 26, 2023

The most misused term in the health sector may be ayurveda. An ayurvedic treatment is something that requires experience and expertise to perform. In a previous blog I have mentioned some of the major ayurveda therapies.


Here I am listing out the other major therapies in ayurveda and a brief description of panchakarma. This will give you a general idea on how each therapy is performed and what are their major types.



The word dhara literally means something which is in the process of flowing. Even in ayurveda it has something to do with fluids. No matter what type of dhara you are encountering, all of them include the flow of a liquid.


Dhara is one of the sudation treatment methods in ayurveda in which skin is coming in direct contact with a liquid with no or very less massaging activities. Most of the time it is simply pouring the liquid with enough retention time over the skin. This retention time is important as contact between the liquid and skin is the key in this treatment.


Based on the location, dhara can be classified mainly into two. Shirodhara – dhara for head and sarvangadhara – dhara for all other parts except the head. Generally dhara is done using medicated oils. These medicated oils can be made with various ingredients according to the use.


In certain cases, some other liquids are also used for dhara instead of medicated oils. In such cases, not just the additives, the whole medicated oil will be replaced by medicated buttermilk or medicated milk. The dhara using medicated buttermilk is known by the name thakradhara and the one with medicated milk is called ksheeradhara.


There are more varieties of dhara treatment. You can find at least one variety other than these four in almost every ayurvedic center Dubai boasts to have.  Dharas are used to treat depression, joint disorders, muscle spasm, body aches etc.



Yeah! I know you might be thinking about the similarity of the word with nasal. Indeed, the word nasya is related to nose, just like the word nasal. It is an ayurvedic therapy in which a liquid is fed through nostrils. This liquid can be just saline water, extracts from herbs or specially medicated oils. In some special cases dry powders are also used.


Based on the liquid substance used, nasya can be divided into five. This is just a broad classification for easy understanding for a common man. Going in depth, you can find more types of nasyas.


Marshya is a type of nasya which can be done on a daily basis. This is majorly for wellness and stress relief. It is done with warm ghee or oil.


Bruhuna nasya is for nutritive treatment. It is majorly done using medicated milk, salt and ghees or oils.


Virechana nasya is for cleaning treatment. This is a special case where dry powder is used. Ayurvedic medicines like brahmi are used here.


Shamana nasya is for sedative treatment. This is suitable for all doshas when done using the right medicine with the ghees or oils used.


Navana nasya is used to treat disorders caused by pitta doshas. Juices of various herbs are used here instead of oils or powders.


Nasyas like marshya can be performed on your own but only after making sure the right method of doing it. You can consult any good ayurvedic clinic Dubai has to find the best nasya solution for your particular doshas.



Enema is not an alien concept. Vasti is the traditional version of enemata therapy. It is the process of body cleansing by removing all the toxins from inside by introducing medicinal solution through openings at the lower part of your body.


Vasti is done majorly through anus. However, in some special treatments, vasti is also done through vagina and even urethra. Be it any of these paths, vasti is done for removing vata doshas predominantly. But, it is effective for all three doshas in certain cases.


Based on the medicinal solution used, vastis can be kashaya vasti – done using medicinal solution of honey and herbs or sneha vasti – done using medicated oils. Kashaya vasti is performed for constipation and treating rheumatic ailments. While sneha vasti is performed for detoxification, mainly as a part of panchakarma treatment.


As mentioned before, vastis can be performed through urethra and vagina as well. These methods of routing medicinal solution through urethra for men and urethra or vagina for women are collectively called uttaravasthi. It is highly effective in treating certain gynecological problems and maintaining healthy genitals. It also supports fertility.



It is an elimination ayurvedic treatment just like vasti but with one major difference. The elimination will be through the upper channel. Basically inducing vomiting. The toxin from all over the body is brought to the stomach and eliminated through the mouth. It is suitable for your pitta and kapha doshas. Even though done individually, vamana is done mainly clubbed with a panchakarma program.



You may say it is the combination of vamana and vasti,  which is technically not, by the way the medicine is given and toxins are eliminated. The medicinal solution is fed through the mouth and toxins are eliminated through anal route. It is mainly used for removing pitta doshas. Like vamana, virechana is also done mainly as a part of panchakarma treatments.



It literally means releasing blood, specifically impure blood. Raktamokshana is removing blood from veins by making small punctures. The outflow of blood will be in a controlled manner. This treatment is done using metal needles and in some cases using leeches. It is popularly done as a part of purvakarma which is the preparational part of panchakarma.


The word ‘pancha’ means five. Panchakarma is not a single ayurvedic treatment method. It is the combination of five ayurvedic therapies combined together. It is widely suggested for healing as well as rejuvenation. The five ayurvedic therapies are nasya, vasti, vamana, virechana and raktamokshana.


Panchakarma is a very famous ayurvedic package. In fact the most famous when it comes to wellness and rejuvenation. Any ayurvedic center Dubai has will provide you panchakarma package. But it is your duty that you are choosing one among the best ayurvedic panchakarma centers in Dubai for it.

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