Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment

Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment: The Best Way to Treat PCOS

BY ayurdhara|June 2, 2023

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a highly discussed disorder related to women’s reproductive system. In the last few years, ayurvedic infertility treatment centers in Dubai reported a considerable rise in PCOS cases. It is one of the most common diseases among adult women recently. Ayurveda provides some of the most effective treatments for PCOS. But, since the treatment needs expertise and experience, you must choose from the best Ayurvedic doctors in Dubai.


PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS causes an abnormal increase in the level of male hormones such as testosterone in women. This is a hormonal disorder that can result in irregular menstruation cycles which in turn lead to infertility in prolonged conditions.


This disease is commonly characterized by certain symptoms like weight gain unrelated to diet, abnormal hair growth, marks appearing on different parts of the body, difficulty experienced in getting pregnant, bleeding and irregular metabolism.


It can be identified as early as in the beginning of adulthood. However, it can show up for any age group. There are several reasons for getting affected by PCOS. Ask any ayurvedic practitioner in Dubai, you will know that food habits are the major reason to blame. The other major cause of the disease is found to be inheritance.


In the ayurvedic way of fighting this disease, more than medicine, lifestyle improvement plays the most important role. Ask any of the famous ayurvedic doctors in Dubai, they will ask you to control and revamp your diet first. Food habits and exercises are important in fighting PCOS. Your digestive power needs to be improved and your food selection should comprehend that. Mere medicine intake will not help you.


Meat items, especially farm grown chickens are strictly prohibited for PCOS patients. Most of the Ayurvedic doctors in Dubai will agree on avoiding chicken and egg completely while under the treatment. Carbohydrates are the next thing to strictly avoid for the best result of Ayurveda medicines you are taking.


Ayurvedic medicines for reproductive and sexual problems including that of PCOD are available in almost every Ayurveda center in Dubai. However, you are not recommended to take in ayurvedic medicines without a consultation.


PCOS in Ayurveda

In ayurvedic infertility treatment, diseases like PCOS are considered in various stages. Treatments and medicines are prescribed only according to the stages patients are in. Among the ayurvedic medicines for the disease kashayas are the prominent ones. Kashayas are mixtures of ayurvedic medicines in liquid form characterized by a bitter taste.


There are 6 kashayas used for PCOS. They are to be used either individually or in combinations according to the stage of disease they are in. Several capsules made in ayurveda formulae are also available. Even if they are available in the drug store near you, consuming without consultation is not recommended. There are plenty of good ayurvedic doctors in Dubai at your service. Please make use of them. Schedule a consultation, discuss and proceed.


There is another common type of ayurvedic medicines used as a supportive in PCOS treatment. That is arishtas. They too are  ayurvedic mixtures in liquid form. However, unlike kashayas, they are characterized by sweetness.


Ayurvedic Treatment Procedures for PCOS

Apart from the treatment by consumption of medicines,there are certain other typical ayurvedic treatments done as a part of PCOD treatment. These are some general physical treatments which also have benefits of fighting cysts in the ovary.



It is a type of massage in which multiple medicines are used. It is a deep tissue level massage one with multi medicinal powders and medicated oils. This helps to cut down the excess weight gain patients had due to the disease. This method is highly recommended for weight loss in general as well.



Some forms of vasthis are also performed for patients with PCOS. It is done with warm medicated oils over the body. The treatment is mainly based on the affected area to remove toxins and treat gouts.



It is basically steaming the body in a chamber. According to the applications, various medicines can be used for steaming. This perspiration method will help in detoxifying, fat burning and other general benefits such as moisturizing.



The word means immersing oneself. Avagaha is normally clubbed with swedana treatment. In this method your body will be covered with medicated oils and then steaming. Even though it is mainly used in treating hernia, avagaha can be used as a part of PCOS treatments as well.


How to Choose?

Ayurveda is a highly misinterpreted and misused stream of medical science. So, It is your duty to choose the ayurvedic infertility treatment center wisely. From the numerous ayurvedic centers in Dubai, finding the right one for you may seem difficult. But, do your research well and choose the best for you.


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