Ayurvedic Perspective on Digestive Process

Ayurvedic Perspective on Digestive Process

BY ayurdhara|September 14, 2022

We are what we digest rather than what we eat, according to one of Ayurveda’s beliefs. This pun on the famous idiom “You are what you eat” is meant to emphasize the significance of healthy digestion for overall well-being. How much do we actually understand about the digestive system? Ayurveda provides us with a thorough viewpoint that transcends what is generally accepted. A few of the major aspects of the Ayurvedic approach to digestion include the notion that digestion occurs in three stages, that it occurs on a subtle and a gross physical level. According to Ayurveda, the digestive process takes a full 36 days to complete. Ayurdhara is the best option for all the specialized ayurvedic treatments and therapies as it is the best ayurvedic hospital in Dubai.

The Three Stages

Depending on the person’s Agni (digestive fire) and temperament, digestion through the GI tract typically takes 4-6 hours. This process involves three phases and they are as follows:

The first stage

includes the mouth and upper stomach. This phase, which lasts between 12 and 2 hours, is associated with the Kapha, or Earth and Water, elements. At this moment, saliva interacts with the food to make it greasy, foamy, and moist so that it can be effectively digested. The lethargy that persists for more than an hour after eating indicates that this stage of digestion is hampered and that food has been retained in this spot for too long.

The second stage

deals with the lower stomach and small intestine. This stage, which lasts for about two to three hours, is associated with pitta, or the elements of Fire and Water. At this time, pancreatic secretions continue to break down the food. Acid reflux and heartburn are signs of imbalances in this stage.
The third stage

Most people are familiar with the “gross” digestion process, in which food passes through the GI tract and is separated into nutrients and waste. But we frequently don’t realize that after this surgery, the body starts the “subtle” digestive process. The process of refilling each of the body’s tissue layers one at a time is known as subtle digestion. All your digestive issues have a solution at Ayurdhara, the finest ayurvedic center in Dubai.

Once food has gone through the gross digestion process, waste is sent to the GI system for removal from the body, and what is left is referred to be ahara rasa, or nourishing fluid.

Then, each tissue layer receives this nourishing fluid and is nourished in the order stated below.

  • Lymph/plasma (rasa)
  • Blood (rakta)
  • Muscle (mamsa)
  • Fat (meda)
  • Bone (asthi)
  • Bone marrow/nerve tissue (majja)
  • Reproductive (shukra/artava)

An irrigation canal full of water nurtures each row of crops, with the nearest part receiving water first and the farthest receiving water last. This example can be used to illustrate how delicate digestion nourishes these tissue layers. The nourishing fluid moves from one tissue to the next in the same manner and in the proper sequence. You can avail yourself the first-class ayurvedic treatment in Dubai at Ayurdhara.

There are instances where a tissue layer is depleted and needs more nutrients, though. In this case, the normal procedure is skipped, and the tissue layer that is most in need of nourishment is given it first.

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