Lower Back Pain and Ayurveda

Lower Back Pain and Ayurveda

BY ayurdhara|August 24, 2022

Back pain is a common health condition that many of us may encounter at some point in our lives. So many people suffer from lower back pain, which is a typical orthopedic problem. The lower back, or lumbar area of the spinal cord, has a complicated structure with interconnected bones, nerves, muscles and ligaments. These body parts play a significant role in providing us flexibility and mobility. Even a small injury or shock can create issues because of the collective functioning of many parts in the lower back. Back discomfort can occur for a variety of causes, including a poor sleeping position or a sloppy sitting posture, and it can be aggravated if left untreated. Back pain can be relieved, managed, and even prevented in certain cases with the appropriate treatments. Ayurveda has a holistic approach for back pain, with the goal of healing it from the root. The aim of Ayurvedic treatment for back pain is to restore the patient’s general health and strengthen their muscles, allowing them to live a healthy and refreshed life following the treatment.

As we have a fast-paced lifestyle these days, there are a lot of causes for back pain. Bad posture, strained muscles, inflammation in the pelvic joints, disc problems, trauma, sprain, fractures, arthritis, spondylosis, excessive strain, anxiety and being overweight are the major reasons for back pain. Vata (one among three doshas) becomes aggravated as a result of this. It can also cause sciatica, which is defined as pain radiating from the lower back to the rear of one or both legs.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Ayurveda has several kinds of treatments for back pain according to several factors like, type and severity of pain, patient’s bodily constitution and doshas and medical history. All of these conditions need a detailed medical examination by the specialist doctors. Most of the back pain can be caused from Vata aggravation, muscle and bone weakness and lifestyle imbalances. Both internal and external treatments and therapies are there in Ayurveda for back pain. Some most effective treatments are as follows:


Abhyangam is a therapeutic Ayurvedic full-body oil massage right from head to toe. Abhyangam aids to decrease pain at the joints by providing a certain level of lubrication, which helps to significantly reduce lower back discomfort. Furthermore, the massage improves blood circulation throughout the body and provides relaxation near nerve ends.

Kati Vasti

In this Ayurvedic treatment, a heated herbal oil is made specifically for the treatment of lower back pain. Furthermore, the oil’s essence is preserved by using whole wheat flour or black gramme paste. Kati Vasti is an expert treatment for a variety of back ailments, including: spondylosis, intervertebral disc prolapses, lumbago and sciatica.


The word pizhichil means squeezing in which ward oil, made with ayurvedic herbs, is squeezed on the patient’s body. The oil is poured from a cloth that is soaked in an ayurvedic oil vessel on a regular interval. Pizhichil improves muscle tone and strengthens lower back muscles. Hence pizhichil is really beneficial for lower back pain.


Kizhi is a therapy with small sachets composed of herbs, grains, and powders hand-tied in a muslin cloth. The above-mentioned materials are then heated and lightly beaten over the various body areas to alleviate pain. Kizhi provides relief for mainly Vata and Kapha conditions. As a result of the intense heat generated, the aggravated Vata is relieved, and gets relief to the lower back pain.

Sneha Vasti

Enema is a type of enema treatment in which medicated oil is used. Sneha Vasti is most commonly used to alleviate lower back pain, gout, and rheumatism.

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