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Using Ayurvedic Techniques of the Past to Build a Brighter Future

BY ayurdhara|April 1, 2023

The practice of Ayurveda is an age-old, deep, and powerful tradition of being at one with nature. Ayurveda sees the body as a part of the environment and believes that whatever happens around it will in one way or other affect the body. We at Ayurdhara treat these factors that lead to health degradation and provide an ayurvedic treatment regime that heals the body, mind, and soul. By addressing the underlying causes of the issues, we not only suppress the troubles but also eliminate the possibility that they will recur. We also assist you in finding the ideal balance between your body, soul, and mind.

We pride ourselves on a team of talented and dedicated doctors and experts who, with years of experience, have revived, designed, and perfected ancient ayurvedic practices for your well-being in our Ayurvedic center Dubai. Apart from being highly effective and holistic, ayurveda is without any side effects. So, you can enjoy the benefits without an ounce of worry. And because we are completely uprooting the cause, you will feel stronger and happier and would stay that way far into the future.

But why should you choose Ayurvedic treatment?

According to Sages, every person has a distinct physical constitution that is as unique as their fingerprint. There are three distinct types and they combine to represent different body types and address cerebral, physical, and emotional elements of an individual’s physiology. These are referred to in Ayurvedic texts as “doshas” and the three are, Vata (based on space and air), Pitta (based on fire and water), and Kapha (based on Earth and water). These Doshas are not merely representative of some elements, they express the strength, weaknesses, and character of one’s self. So, our ayurvedic treatment experts make changes to your treatment to accommodate your personal body type for the treatment to be the most effective.

Keep in mind that your body’s constitution will not provide you with all the information if any of the doshas are out of balance, which is the case for most of us. Your current state of balance could even be more significant since it reveals which doshas you need to subdue in order to regain equilibrium and because it can guide you in choosing the best course of action for your specific case. Of course, there are some Ayurvedic practices that are universal, meaning they are believed to be good for everyone, independent of the constitution or present state of balance within oneself. However, if you adhere to merely broad guidelines, you risk unintentionally limiting Ayurveda’s unique capacity to help you and your changing requirements on a personalized basis. On top of that, there are also about twenty Gunas in ayurveda that are used to describe every substance or experience and they are organized as ten pairs of opposites.

As we all know, medicine can only get you so far, the rest should be achieved through lifestyle practices like Yoga, meditation, eating healthy food, hygiene, sleep, and eventually through all these, stress relief. Only with a combination of all of these in a specific order is the ayurvedic treatmentand you will start to see the extent of your disease and how healthy you’ve been since your treatment at our Ayurvedic Clinic Dubai.

Our packages are designed in a way that everyone can, without shouldering a financial burden, choose to be healthy with us and experience the benefits of ourAyurvedic treatment. For that, we have carefully selected over 25 types of therapies for you to choose from so that you receive the relief that you deserve.

The elegance and simplicity of the Ayurvedic method make it appealing to both newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike. Ayurveda offers a clear route to greater well-being and energy, even for people who are only recently introduced to it. Therefore, at our Ayurvedic hospital in Dubai, we may use the energy of opposites to guide our bodies in the proper path, whether we are striving to lessen the impacts of certain natural weaknesses or trying to cure an active imbalance.

With a focus on building a healthier and happier future, we at Ayurdhara, strive to bring this magical treatment for you and your family with utmost care and unmatched service.

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