Why Ayurveda is Called a Holistic Science of Medicine?

BY ayurdhara|October 1, 2022

Ayurveda is an Indian traditional system of medicine that is known as one of the oldest traditional systems of medicine in the world. It has a direct connection with life and health. Ayurveda has recently gained popularity as a natural, environmentally friendly, secure, and comprehensive healing system. All things in the cosmos, including the human body, are said to be made up of five fundamental constituents in Ayurveda. These elements are evenly distributed in various ratios to meet the needs and specifications of the various structures and functions of the body and its parts. It is thought that an imbalance in the five elements is what causes illness and disease. There are many centers that provide ayurvedic treatments. Among them, Ayurdhara is the most popular ayurvedic clinic in Dubai that offers quality service with expert therapists and doctors.

The fundamentals of Ayurveda were not only created for the treatment of diseases but also to promote a healthy lifestyle for long life. According to the WHO, Ayurveda of India is a holistic medical system that has been used for centuries by the majority of Indians. Due to its qualitative strength, vital components of health, and significant indications for the regular functioning of life, it is currently becoming more and more popular around the world. Ayurveda is primarily focused on managing lifestyle problems, which are more prevalent among specific age groups in society due to stress-related phenomena and other factors. Further validation for the formation of wellness centers in general and their therapeutic potential as a system of medicine, in particular, is the global acceptance of Ayurvedic academic programs. Ayurdhara is the finest ayurvedic centre in Dubai that offers you various kinds of therapies, treatments, and diet plans.

Everything is interconnected

The ancient Indian health science known as Ayurveda emphasizes the need of maintaining a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. In addition, as everything is connected, Ayurveda aspires to be integral: Ayurvedic massage, Ayurvedic cleansing techniques, dietetics, spiritual yoga practice, and herbal medication are the key components. Briefly stated, the Ayurvedic philosophy places a strong emphasis on improving health and preventing disease, managing stress, improving fitness, and connecting with nature. A balanced, healthy lifestyle is the goal. Taking some ayurvedic therapies occasionally is good for your health. You can avail the best ayurvedic treatment in Dubai at Ayurdhara.

The balance of three Doshas

Dosha, literally meaning “what could cause troubles,” is a key phrase in Ayurvedic philosophy. The three Doshas and associated elements are Vata (air and wind), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (water and earth) (water and earth). They are believed to provide a person with their unique constitution and modify their bodily and spiritual function. Indisposition and illness can result from an imbalance. As a result, the Doshas’ unique constitutions are established at the start of Ayurvedic treatment in order to balance them.

Food therapy, ordinal therapy, plant science, and specific cleansing techniques known as Panchakarma are employed to reestablish this equilibrium and reject accumulated slags. Panchakarma is originally defined by fasts, baths, in addition to enemas, therapeutic vomiting, and bloodletting, all of which are typically practiced in attenuated form in the West. Popular practices include massages, yoga, breathing techniques, color, music, and Ayurvedic diet. You can avail all these treatments and therapies at Ayurdhara, the best ayurvedic hospital in Dubai.

A healthy varied diet is better than any medicine

The teachings of Ayurveda include a significant emphasis on food. This implies, among other things, that the foods you choose to eat should balance out your particular Dosha: The healthiest food is useless if your body cannot properly process it. It’s crucial to understand digestion. Since practically all vegetarian foods in an Ayurvedic kitchen are prepared, sweet dishes are frequently served before the main course because they take longer to digest. Furthermore, a meal requires that all of your food-related bodily functions—bite, suck, chew, leak, and swallow—as well as your sense of taste (Rasas)—sour, salty, bitter, and sharp—be mixed harmoniously. This is made possible by the medicinal properties used in Ayurvedic cooking. The cuisine of Ayurveda is extremely delicious and is based on a particularly pleasant rule: “If you eat, eat” — take your meals with others, eat in peace, and do so in a relaxed atmosphere.

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