5 Ayurvedic Tips for Beautiful Hair

5 Ayurvedic Tips for Beautiful Hair

Wash your hair less

We all have varying degrees of normal, oily, or dry hair, and you may not need to wash your hair as often as you think. The more frequently the hair is washed, the more oil gets produced, requiring it to be washed more often.

Massage your scalp

While washing your hair, massage your scalp in an invigorating way. This can stimulate circulation to the hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

 Avoid chemicals in your hair products.

these chemicals get directly absorbed through the scalp and enter the bloodstream.

Apply oil to your hair and scalp at least once per week

Massaging the hair and scalp with herbal oils is an Ayurvedic practice that has been used for centuries to maintain thick, healthy hair. This practice provides deep conditioning and nourishment, while also calming the mind and encouraging restful sleep.

Keep your stress levels in check

Excess stress, worry, and overwhelm can cause vata and pitta doshas to increase, leading to hair loss and premature graying. Once stress is addressed, hair can literally regain its strength, luster, and shine.