Ayurvedic therapies treats the body and mind, which stimulate the immunity and slow down degeneration. Especially in the Middle East landscape we have observed that peoples are suffering with neck & back pain in its hugeness. Ayurdhara rejuvenation and relaxation massage helps you to overcome these body stress related issues. This head to toe therapy with herbal steam is also good for patients suffering from ailments such as muscular problems


Abhyangam means annoying the whole body with warm medicated oil. The word literally means motion in different direction. Regular Abhyangam enhances proper blood circulation, increases immunity, enhances the functions of sense organs, improves complexion, prevents early degeneration and relaxes mind.


This is very good for relieving spasm and stiffness of muscles, lubricating the joints, strengthening the spinal muscles and relieving joint pain especially backache. This therapy enhances peripheral blood circulation, cleanses the channels of circulation and detoxify. Indicated in the imbalance of Vata diseases like, Arthritis, Neurological problems, Muscular pains, Paralysis etc. The effect of Pinda Swedam varies according to the ingredients of the poultices.


Specialized therapy in which is (Choorna) coarse or fine powder of medicinal plants. Pinda means a bolus. Sweda means fomentation or sudation. It is a swedana (fomentation) therapy commonly used for pain relief and giving strength to the tissues, relieving spasms and stiffness of muscles, lubricates the joints, strengthens the spinal muscles and relieving joint pain.


It is one of the major sudation process using Herbal bundle massage in which medicinal leaves processed in medicated oils prepare in the form of bundle in muslin bag , apply over specified / whole body, by dipping it in warm medicated oils. This treatment is effective in chronic back pain and rheumatic complaints, arthritis, paralysis, pain and swelling in the joints. It stimulates and strengthens the nervous and  muscular systems, increase the circulation and metabolic rate, reduces stiffness and pain, improves the skin tone.


Njavarakizhi is also known as shashtikashali pinda swedam. Njavara in Malayalam stands for the rice(Shashtika Shali in Sanskrit) that grows in 60 days ; Kizhi (Pinda in Sanskrit) stands for bolus .A full body revival massage njavara rice processed in medicated milk / and decoction of herbs is made in bolus and hot compress given to the whole body. It energizes and rejuvenates the body. It improves the strength of the tissues of bones and muscles.

Ingredients – Njavara rice, milk, vatahara herbal medicines


Traditional Ayurvedic massage in which a medicated bolus or Pinda or kizhi is made out of the mixture of herbs along with lemon prepared in medicated oil are tied in the bolus and heat is administered to the affected part till you sweat. Naranga kizhi is mainly associated with providing relief from the stiffness of joints. It also helps in treating the conditions like frozen shoulder, sprained ligaments, sports injuries, lumbar spondylosis, cartilage tears and rheumatoid arthritis. Ingredients – Lemon, Satakuppa, rock salt etc.


Retention of lukewarm medicated oils in a leak proof boundary made up of herbal powder paste over the upper back-cervical (Greeva vasti), in the lower back- lumber (kati vasti) and in the upper middle of the chest- thorax (uro vasti) is the beneficial in localized and radiating pain of different origin. This is very effective for 0steoarthritis of knees, sciatic pains, muscular sprains and spondylosis.


Murdhni Taila, an Ayurvedic treatment procedure for Head & Neck. Ayurveda treats mankind through a special and holistic way and it aims at removing the doshas from the root in chronic disease conditions. One such therapy is Murdhni Taila. It is considered ideal for relieving stress, anxiety, insomnia, and the ailments of the scalp. Application of oil (taila) on head (murdha) is the literal meaning of “murdha taila”they are Shiroabhyangam, Shiropichu, Shirodhara and Shirovasthi.


Shirodhara is pouring of medicated luke warm oil (Thailadhara)/Medicated Butter milk (Takradhara)/Medicated Milk (Ksheeradhara) Or Medicated Decoction (Kashayadhara) in a steady stream on the upper forehead can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue and hypertension. It relieves tension, worry, fear and headache as well as depression. It regulates mood and gives feelings of pleasure and relaxation. Using different oils, Thaila Dhara is very effective for a multitude of problems like stress & anxiety, sleep disturbance, migraine, hair problems, neurological problems and skin diseases.


Shiro Vasti is a procedure which is included in the category of Murdhni Taila .A long chef’s cap is fixed on the head in which medicated luke warm oil is retained for a definite time for approx. 30 minutes. This treatment is for visual problems, memory ailments, sleep disturbances, headache, and Parkinson’s disease.


Ayurvedic head massage in which head, neck and shoulder oil massage is done in order to relieve stress and strains and re-balance the whole body. Best stress relieving treatment. Shiras (head) one of the main tension holding sites. It helps in Preventing and treating of many psychosomatic illnesses and keeps you cool and calm, freshness and energy, improves metabolism, circulation and nerve conductions.


This is fomentation with medicated cow’s milk. This treatment is good for facial paralysis, speech disorders and other nervous disorders of face.


The Ayurvedic treatment of shiropichu falls under the category of Murdhni Taila. It is an effective Ayurvedic treatment advised for prevention and getting rid of many psychosomatic illnesses. This therapy helps to Restores memory, Promotes intelligence, Helps heal neurological disorders, Relieves insomnia and forgetfulness, burning sensations.


A down stream of medicated buttermilk is poured onto the forehead to dissolve stress and tension. Indicated in hair problems and skin problems and psoriasis in particular.


This is a therapy in which the body is made to perspire by continuously pouring luke warm herbal oils in a specific pattern followed by a gentle therapy. This treatment is given for general weakness, arthritis, paralysis etc. Oil bath is also carried out for healthy individuals as a revitalizing process.


It’s a rubdown with herbal paste, unlike other therapies, the strokes are done upwards and against the hair follicles. This Vata & Kapha balancing treatment is effective in cases of obesity, skin conditions and musculo-skeletal problems.


This Ayurvedic treatment is a deeply penetrating lymphatic massage which involves upward stroking, where the medicated herbal fine powder is rubbed forcibly on the body. This powerful exfoliating treatment magically Restore Your Natural Radiance conditions the skin while pressing stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body. Mainly done for weight reduction & is effective for obesity, hemiplegia, paralysis, skin diseases, impaired circulation and other similar kapha predominant diseases.


Fermented medicated liquid prepared out of some cereals and citrus fruits, the prepared decoctions having sharp and hot potency is poured over the body as a gentle stream along with gentle massage. Indicated in Obesity, especially for inch loss; also relieves pains & aches.


A special paste made out of Amalaki and other special ayurvedic drugs are applied on the head after a gentle head massage. Very effective for cooling, calming and soothing the mind. It helps to improve memory, retain calmness and ensure restful sleep. Effective for dandruff and scalp psoriasis.


A thick layer of cotton soaked with warm medicated oil is applied over the affected area and the oil is replaced periodically to keep it warm. It is considered as an effective treatment for diseases of the cranial nerves and for degenerative, painful spinal problems.


The application of medicinal paste over body part that has swelling and pain. It is very effective in management of pain conditions such as osteoarthritis, joint injuries.


Full body scrub with Medicated paste prepared out of shashtikasali, which is cooked in medicated milk and vatahara drug decoction. It is an exfoliating therapy to make the skin soft and supple to give the skin a lustrous glow. An excellent therapy to keep the body cool and active during the extreme hot season.


The best natural beauty treatments to get healthy and glowing skin. For sensitive skin, an Ayurvedic facial therapy will be the best. It is not only a herbal therapy that makes sure that your skin does not erupt, it also cleanses your skin well and makes it smooth and soft. Treats pimples and acne scars, suntan, wrinkles etc.


Panchakarma is one the most effective healing modality in Ayurvedic Medicine. It promotes Detoxification and Rejuvenation. The ultimate therapy for mind-body healing experience, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being. Panchakarma is a five-fold detox (Shodhana karma) treatment – Vasthi (shreshta chikisthsa), Virechana (purgation), Nasyam, Vamanam (emisis) & Raktamoksha. Undergoing Panchakarma there will be complete purification of the body and mind.


This is also known as medical emesis or medical vomiting, is one of the five Pradhana Karmas of Panchakarma which is used in treating Kaphaja disorders.


Medicated enema it is the best treatment for treating vataja disorders and specially for Back pain conditions. Vasthi therapy is done with medicated oils & different herbal decoctions intermittently based on the health problem. Some of the common ingredients are honey, rock salt, medicated oils, herbal pastes and decoctions. Very effective in Arthritis, Spondylosis, Back pain, Sciatia, Paralysis, Neurological disorders,


The therapeutic administration of medicated oil through nostril is known as nasyam. It’s one among the Panchakarma procedures which cleanses, purifies and strengthens the nasal passages, This treatment is highly effective for certain kinds of headaches, sinusitis, facial paralysis, mental disorders, neck problems, respiratory diseases congestion, allergies, sinusitis, migraine, cervical spondylosis, hair fall, premature greying of hair, rhinitis and other .