Dandruff is a highly common, but chronic health condition marked by flaking of the skin on your scalp. Although, normal skin often sheds old cells, they usually go unnoticed, as there are very few of them at any one time. With dandruff, there is an increased deterioration rate of skin cells on the scalp. Dead skin cells fall off from the scalp in much larger numbers and these dead skin cells cluster together with oil from the hair, making it more noticeable. Dandruff can occur at any age but is less reported in children. Dandruff problems generally worsens during winter season and is less common during summer season. Ayurdhara is one of the leading centres for ayurvedic dandruff treatment in Dubai offering complete cure for dandruff and hair fall problems.

Symptoms and Causes of Dandruff

Ads of anti-dandruff shampoos and medicines are telling you only one side of the total details. The appearance of white particle dust on your shoulders, indeed, symptomizes dandruff. And, there is more to it. Also, regarding the causes, your lifestyle, including the food habits, can contribute to dandruff. You need to educate yourself more on this.

What are the symptoms of dandruff?

The general symptoms of dandruff include white, oily skin flakes or scales occurring on the scalp, trapped in the hair and caught on clothing. Dandruff flakes are also seen on the eyebrows, beard and on the neck and shoulders followed by an itchy sensation. Ayurdhara provides the best ayurvedic dandruff treatment in Dubai that permanently removes the symptoms of dandruff and keeps your hair healthy.


What causes dandruff?

The exact cause of dandruff is still unidentified, but there are several factors that are supposed to cause this skin issue.


Ayurdhara offers highly effective ayurvedic dandruff treatment in Dubai that help you to identify the root cause of dandruff and provide long lasting solution for the issue.


How to prevent dandruff?

As part of our ayurvedic dandruff treatment in Dubai, Ayurdhara also suggests various lifestyle changes that helps to prevent dandruff and also boost the cure along with the regular treatment.


Treatment procedures (ayurvedic dandruff treatment in Dubai)

At Ayurdhara, we offer traditionally and scientifically proven ayurvedic dandruff treatment in Dubai with age-old techniques and herbal medications. By strictly following our treatment and other preventive measures suggested by the physician, you can get fast and long-lasting relief from the problems of dandruff. Some of our treatment procedures include the following.