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Sexual Health in Ayurveda: 5 Misconceptions you Must Know

BY ayurdhara|April 1, 2023

Sexual health in Ayurveda is a highly misunderstood domain of health science. This is basically due to some wrong marketing strategies using the reputation of Ayurveda among the people. Ayurveda is believed to be the closest way you can get to nature while undergoing a treatment. Both external and internal ways of Ayurvedic treatments have a huge demand. Every Ayurvedic center Dubai has is milking this huge demand.

In case of sexual wellness in Ayurveda too, things are no different. The goodwill of Ayurveda is heavily misused by certain substandard products. PCOD & PCOS treatment in Dubai is also facing the issue of toxic marketing by certain clinics.

The 5 Misconception

Added to the above issues, there are some popular misconceptions related to Ayurveda. Some are related to Ayurvedic medicines for sexual health. While others are related to some healthy practices Ayurveda recommends.


Same medicines for ED and PE

You can find claims of Ayurvedic cure to erectile dysfunction everywhere. In TV ads, social media and even all around the streets. Almost all of them have similar tones and claims. They advertise a list of Ayurvedic medicines that prevent ED. Indeed, there are Ayurvedic medicines for ED. But, there are only a few with known results.

The main issue here is the confusion between premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Knowingly or ignorantly toxic marketers are inducing confusion in customers to sell their products. Most of them are not even prepared according to standard Ayurvedic procedures. This creates a nation that Ayurveda considers ED and PE as the same. But it is not right.

Ayurveda do consider erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as two different problems. The medicines for each are also different. However, Ashwagandha is found as a major ingredient in some of the medicines for both ED and PE. Except for Ashwagandha, all major medicines for both ED and PE are different.


Ayurveda promote ageless mating

Some herbal viagra ads have seriously misguided the people saying some Ayurvedic ingredients make you capable of doing sex irrespective of their age. But the truth is that Ayurveda sees sexual activities as age-bound. Even though Ayurveda cites age 18-70 as suitable for sexual activity, the recommended sexually active age is 25 to 50. And there are no magical medicines to nullify the problems in sexual activities because of aging.

Another issue needed to address here is the term herbal viagra. Not only viagra any product with a term ‘herbal’ before it has a spontaneous marketing possibility. That is due to the goodwill of Ayurveda. Indeed, Ayurveda is loaded with natural medicines and formulations, including that for sexual health, anything and everything labeled ‘herbal’ or ‘Ayurvedic’ are not really Ayurvedic.


With Ayurveda anytime is mating time

Another hilariously toxic advertisement practice regarding the performance herbal products give you throughout the day. But, it’s all misleading and false according to Ayurvedic teachings. Ayurveda, on the contrary, teaches to perform sexual activities at certain time periods of a day. It suggests that 6pm to 10pm is the best time for sexual activities and 6am to 6pm, the next best. This is based on the kapha production in our body.

Throughout the year also there are certain suggestions by Ayurveda. Cold seasons are best for regular sexual activities and hot seasons are only good for occasional sexual activities (once in 10 or 15 days). Other seasons may be considered for moderate frequency sexual activities (once in 3 to 4 days). This is also based on the kapha production. To know more on this visit any of the Ayurvedic Center Dubai already has.


Ayurveda focuses on main activity alone

The misleading advertisements regarding Ayurvedic sexual health have become so out of track that people start to think Ayurveda focuses only on the main activity alone. Well, it is not the case. Ayurveda sees sexual activities as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda suggests not having any sexual activities within 2 hours of a meal. It also promotes getting your body cleaned before and after the activities. Urinating after the sex is also recommended.


Ayurveda does not promote contraception

Another misconception is regarding the contraception concept in Ayurveda. This may be due to the fact that the contraceptive side of Ayurveda is less discussed or advertised. In reality, Ayurveda does have some effective contraceptive methods and medicines.

Since neem is counted as an effective spermicide, applying neem oil to the female genitals before the intercourse can prevent pregnancy. Consuming neem leaves and papaya seeds can also impart spermicidal effects. Neem fruit also has the effect in higher degrees. However, consumption of these must be based on an Ayurvedic practitioner’s suggestion. An Ayurvedic center Dubai beholds should have an ayurvedic practitioner to consult for this.


Infertility treatments are not discussed here since it is a topic on its own. Being one of the leading providers of Ayurvedic infertility treatment in Dubai, we usually take up that topic. Some of the major points on this topic are there in a couple of our previous blogs.

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