Ayurveda: Comprehensive Health Solution for 2023 – Part 1

BY ayurdhara|July 26, 2023

Days are gone where Ayurveda was considered a mysterious field of medicine only available in some places of India. Almost every ayurvedic clinic in Dubai is an example for this. The reason why I am claiming this is the level of integration Ayurveda managed to attain. Ayurveda is now a global medicinal and healthcare option.

We can see examples of both Ayurveda performing alone and in collaboration with other fields of healthcare when we observe the functioning of each and every ayurvedic hospital Dubai has. Earlier, people were depending on ayurveda or only  for a niche range of applications. Those were mainly related to pain treatments and wellness packages. However, things have changed.

Not just a back pain solution

In older days, ayurveda came into people’s consideration only when they felt some prolonged pain. Especially back pain. Owing to that demand, ayurvedic backpain treatment in Dubai is numerous now. However, people now realize that ayurveda is not just a back pain treatment but a comprehensive healthcare solution.

Pain relief

I need not preach about the importance of ayurveda in pain relief. As mentioned earlier, ayurveda is already famous for treating prolonged pains with its unique approach. Pain relief treatments in ayurveda include both internal and external medicines.

Ayurveda is famous for pain reduction by natural methods. It is also capable of reducing the chances of surgeries prescribed for pain at the joints. This is majorly done by reinstating the joint strength with treatment using natural oils and herbs.


Another not very new area ayurveda is known for is rejuvenation treatments. However, there is a paradigm shift visible in the approach towards rejuvenation treatments. Earlier it was considered as a luxurious option majorly associated with tour packages. Now things have changed. Rejuvenation treatments are done by a huge population at regular intervals.

Rejuvenation treatment at low budget is something becoming common in Dubai. Almost every ayurvedic clinic in Dubai provides rejuvenation therapies. Many of them have many budget packages as well.

Options are Plenty

The Ayurvedic healthcare sector is a flourishing field in Dubai. Pain relief is still the most sought out application of ayurveda in Dubai. Now we will explore 3 of the major ayurvedic treatments and their benefits.


The word abhyanga means to spread in all directions. It is a type of ayurvedic treatment involving oil massage. Special medicated oils are used for this. Abhyanga can be used to tone your muscle, increase circulation, nourishment to skin and many more. It is a treatment gaining popularity among almost every ayurvedic clinic in Dubai.


Kizhi is an ayurvedic treatment method involving several herbs with high medicinal content tied in a cloth. This tied cloth containing herbs is called a kizhi. It is available for different applications.

Choorna pinda kizhi which is using powders of dried medicinal plants inside the kizhi, mainly used to treat pain and strengthen tissues. Ela kizhi uses bundles of herbs inside the kizhi with other medicated oils to treat chronic back pains and rheumatic complaints. Njavara kizhi uses rice processed in medicated milk to treat skin problems and for rejuvenation.

Even Abhyanga can be clubbed with Kizhi treatment. This is a special treatment for peripheral blood circulation and detoxification. It has several other benefits too. You can avail this special treatment in Dubai’s  Ayurdhara ayurvedic clinic.


Skin care is the area where the word ayurveda is wrongly marketed extensively in the form of cosmetic products. The false claims such products which have no relation with ayurveda are indeed tarnishing the reputation of this noble healthcare field. Ayurvedic skin care treatment is majorly done through a treatment method called Lepam. The wod ‘lepam’ means something which is applied over the skin. Since the skin has different levels of sensitivity in different parts of the body. So, there are varieties of lepams for your different body parts.

Lepams are also used for pain relief treatment. However, their fame and major applications are concentrated on skin care. When I say skin care it is not just beautification. It indicates overall health and nourishment attained by the skin. Not every ayurvedic clinic in Dubai offers you skin care treatments. And the list becomes even fewer when we take authenticity and reliability factors into consideration. Ayurdhara is one among that elite list of authentic ayurvedic skin care which is also the leading ayurvedic clinic Dubai people always come back to.

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