Best Ayurvedic Solutions for Gastrointestinal Problems

Best Ayurvedic Solutions for Gastrointestinal Problems

BY ayurdhara|August 24, 2022

Today’s generation is becoming really confused over what to eat. Our food culture has been changing tremendously as numerous delicacies are available in the market. Taste is highly getting marketed in order to attract customers. Fast food is the new culture which creates a lot of health issues in people. Among many, stomach issues are the most common and serious. We do a lot of compromises in food to survive in this competitive, fast moving world. As a result, we consume a lot of processed and fried food items in order to save our time and satisfy our taste buds. This is very dangerous to the digestive system. Indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea are some of the common stomach problems of us these days.

Ayurveda treats every disease holistically giving importance to its root cause. “Agni” (fire) is viewed as a prime source of life in Ayurveda. Symbolically it guards all the metabolic functions in the body. Whatever we eat is considered as an offering to Agni. We should choose the right quality food to strengthen and nourish this fire, boosting our digestive system. Otherwise this fire can do the serious harms. Fried and oily food, processed meat and other items, very cold food, etc. create indigestion, leading to form toxins which are called “Ama” in Ayurveda. It is considered as the root cause of all diseases. There are several effective ayurvedic practices for good metabolism and intestinal health.

For indigestion

If you have digestive problems, you need to watch what you have eaten in the last 48 hours. Then your body requires a counterbalance to tackle the issues. When your stomach is upset, you should avoid diary items, meat, raw vegetables, spicy food, big grains or other hard things to digest. It’s better to have cooked vegetables and soupy dishes. Onion, garlic and spices like ginger, cinnamon, black pepper are good for indigestion.

For bloating

Intake of warm water frequently can help to reduce bloating. Fennel seeds, ginger with a drop of honey and mint tea can also help to cure bloating and gas trouble. You have to watch what suits your body type and consume food according to that.

For acid reflux

Acidity in the stomach can be reduced by having anything that creates saliva in the mouth. It’s recommended to chew fennel seeds, basil leaves and claws in the mouth. Fresh coconut milk, tender coconut, and homemade buttermilk also can be used to cure acid reflux.

For diarrhea

When you have diarrhea, consume a lot of plain water to avoid dehydration. Bottle gourd is good for diarrhea. You can have butter milk, ginger tea, fruit juices especially apple and pomegranate. Ginger is a good remedy for diarrhea as it is full of antioxidant and stimulates digestion. It’s not recommended in Ayurveda to immediately give medicines when someone has diarrhea. Instead, we can try the above cited remedies.

For constipation

Drink made with ghee, salt and hot water is an effective solution for constipation. Ghee is good for lubrication inside the intestines and salt eliminates bacteria. Eating a ripe banana two hours after dinner, followed by a glass of hot milk or hot water helps to cure constipation.

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