Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

How Does Ayurveda Help in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment?

BY ayurdhara|October 6, 2022

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic degenerative condition that mostly affects the motor system. The condition impairs body mobility and muscle function by gradually deteriorating the neuronal connections at the base of the brain. When this disorder progresses, the patient loses control of their body movements, experiences shaking or shivering when moving, and develops behavioral and emotional issues. There are effective Ayurvedic treatments for Parkinson’s disease which you can get from Ayurdhara, the leading ayurvedic center in Dubai.




Parkinson’s disease’s actual etiology is still unknown. However, the disorder’s development is influenced by genetic factors. The substantia nigra, a part of the midbrain, is where the disease’s motor symptoms originate from the death of cells there. This causes these locations not to have adequate dopamine. The condition may also be caused by other things including excessive drug use and exposure to pollutants in the environment.




Ayurvedic theories claim that the vata dosha in the nerves of the brain causes Parkinson’s disease. Nervous Vata Dosha can cause unfavorable effects by evaporating the nerves. The infection typically develops in middle age or later in life. According to western medical theories, one of the disease’s origins is the loss of dopamine, a nerve transmitter.


The following list of motor symptoms fits the bill:


  1. Rigidity
  2. Tremors
  3. Bradykinesia
  4. Postural unsteadiness
  5. Parkinsonian gait




In order to create effective treatment plans and ensure a high quality of life for a longer period, a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis that is both early and precise is crucial. Parkinson’s disease will be identified by a doctor after reviewing your medical history and neurological test results. Brain scans and other laboratory tests are occasionally done to rule out conditions that could cause symptoms that are similar to the disease. Still, there is no lab test that will definitively identify the illness.


Levodopa administration to patients may result in a reduction in motor impairment, which tends to validate the diagnosis. People may occasionally get the wrong diagnosis and those who exhibit Parkinson-like symptoms. You can approach Ayurdhara for diagnosis as it is the most sought-after ayurvedic clinic in Dubai.


Ayurvedic Practices to Cure Parkinson’s Disease


James Parkinson wrote a comprehensive description of Parkinson’s Syndrome (An Essay on the Shaking Palsy) in 1817. However, a review of much of the early Ayurvedic literature, which dates back to 5000 BC, would demonstrate that a syndrome strikingly similar to Parkinsonism was already known, and that it included treatment with a plant’s seeds that contained therapeutic levels of what is now known as levodopa in addition to a number of other preparations. It’s called Kampa Vata.


The majority of Vata disorders, according to Ayurveda, are actually conditions of degenerative disorders of the neurological system. One such condition brought on by a Vata imbalance is kampa vata. Internal and external administration of medications in various forms designed to correct the vata imbalance makes up the kampavata treatment.


The use of Ayurveda as a Parkinson’s disease treatment has been proven to be successful. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medical system. It strives to maintain or restore the equilibrium between the mind, body, and natural forces through an integrated approach to disease prevention and treatment.


Numerous scientific investigations and clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Ayurvedic herbs and preparations and have confirmed the necessity of using Panchakarma therapies, or Ayurvedic cleansing procedures, before palliative care. You can do quality Panchakarma treatments at Ayurdhara, the best ayurvedic hospital in Dubai.


The Ayurvedic method of treating Parkinson’s disease extends well beyond how our herbal remedies affect the chemistry of the brain. The essential power of Ayurveda rests in its capacity to restructure and change the subtle energy body, which serves as both the foundation of health and the origin of illness. The aforesaid approach to living emphasizes leading a happy lifestyle, strengthening one’s mind through yogic exercises, and coexisting peacefully with nature.


Treat Parkinson’s Disease Effectively at Ayurdhara


Ayurdhara is the top ayurvedic center in Dubai which offers various ayurvedic therapies and treatments. We provide treatments for Parkinson’s disease here with the guidance of experienced doctors and therapists. We offer Ayurvedic treatments in all facets of life, emphasizing how important it is to live in balance with nature. We are proud of the healing potential of Ayurveda and its capacity to maintain good health by adhering to the Ayurvedic principles taught by the ancient practitioners, which promote health and wellness for everybody. If you want to experience the best ayurvedic treatment in Dubai, Ayurdhara would be the best option!

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