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Panchakarma Treatment for Weight Loss

BY ayurdhara|September 30, 2022

Numerous factors, including genetics, diet, inactivity, inadequate sleep, hormonal imbalances, and medications, can contribute to obesity. Increased risk of several cancers is drawn over by excess body fat, which also invites issues with the heart, lungs, digestive system, joints, and reproductive health. In addition to a variety of physical conditions, being overweight has many psychological effects, such as anxiety, depression, low, etc. Ayurdhara offers specialized weight loss and obesity management therapies and we are providing the best Ayurvedic weight loss treatment in Dubai.

Ayurdhara is the best ayurvedic center in Dubai which has various ayurvedic therapies and treatments. In this fast-paced world, obesity is a major issue that affects a lot of people. This issue is influenced by several things, such as eating habits, altered routines, and insufficient exercise.

Panchakarma Treatments for Weight Loss

In addition to resetting your system, panchakarma treatments can assist you in overcoming self-destructive lifestyle habits like excessive stress, overeating, irregular diet, irregular sleep patterns, a sedentary lifestyle, and caffeine and tobacco addiction. Along with helping you lose weight while receiving treatment, panchakarma also boosts your metabolism and offers lifestyle changes that support long-term weight loss.

Snehana, also known as oleation therapies, and swedana, also known as fomentation therapies, are two pre-procedures in panchakarma. These pre-processing procedures loosen the toxins and transport them to the gastrointestinal tract, where they are flushed out during the main Panchakarma procedure.

Toxins are moved through the body using lubricating medicated oils and ghee, where they combine with the fat-soluble toxins accumulated in the various body tissues. As part of the Panchakarma treatments, diet and reasonable lifestyle restrictions are also included.

Major Panchakarma Treatments

The major methods that are especially efficient and frequently used to lose weight are Vamana, Virechanam, and Basti—used to remove toxins that are introduced to the digestive tract during pre-processes.

  • Vamana

Toxins from the upper gastrointestinal tract and the chest area are removed during this therapy by using controlled vomiting. Vamana primarily eliminates the body of the virulent and aggressive Kapha dosha. As a result, stress and anxiety are reduced, and senses like taste and smell are improved along with mental clarity. Along with the respiratory system, metabolism and digestion also benefit, which aids in long-term weight loss. You’ll typically feel energized.

  • Virechanam

Through carefully controlled purging, toxins are eliminated via the anal route during this procedure. Virechanam primarily addresses vitiated pitta dosha, which again is the cause of poor digestion, an imbalanced metabolism, and nutritional malabsorption—problems that result in excessive craving and overeating.

  • Basti

In this procedure, a medicated enema is administered via the anal route; the medicine used is unique Ayurvedic preparations that cause the body’s excess fat to be eliminated. The enema enters the intestine, where the effects of the herbs spread throughout the body and affect the body’s fat tissues. These therapies help not only with weight loss but also with conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism, cancer, joint issues, PCOS, and infertility that are brought on by obesity.

Heal better by reducing your weight

Following Panchakarma treatments, mandatory diet and lifestyle guidelines must be followed because the body is in a highly delicate state and the digestive fire, which is weak right away, needs time to strengthen.

It is crucial to be kind to yourself and your body at this time, regardless of whether you are undertaking Panchakarma to lose pounds, gain more energy and overall health, or simply reset your seasonal whole-being. You will get started on the path to your ideal weight by incorporating lifestyle suggestions, herbs and supplements, and daily practices that you learned during your Panchakarma.

Ayurdhara is an Ayurvedic center that has been successfully giving Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai for all your health issues. We provide Authentic Traditional Ayurvedic Therapies and Treatments without any Side Effects. Authentic Indian Ayurvedic herbal medicated oil therapy and panchakarma therapies are our areas of expertise.

Your search for Ayurvedic Hospital in Dubai has come to an end. Your physical, mental, and emotional health are all examined during an ayurvedic consultation to help you better understand the distinctive energetic constitution that determines your body type and your current imbalance. You can discuss your treatment options with our knowledgeable doctors.

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