Significant effects of Abhyangam

The Significant Effects of Abhyangam

BY ayurdhara|July 26, 2023

Abhyangam is an ancient Ayurvedic relaxation massage technique that uses warm medicated oil. It is a great method which benefits our mind, body, spirit, and immune system. Abhyangam massage can assist your body in eliminating all ama or toxins accumulated as a result of today’s hectic lifestyles and food habits.

An appropriate amount of warm oil is applied to the entire body during the Ayurvedic Abhyangam massage, along with massage strokes that follow the direction of arterial blood flow. The abhyangam massage is a part of daily activities that should be followed to maintain well-being and good health. It also serves as a warm-up for Panchakarma therapy, a five-step purification, and elimination process. Leading ayurvedic clinics in Dubai like Ayurdhara provide quality abhyangam therapy.

Long-term abhyangam practise has a number of advantages, which are listed below.

Key Benefits

Calms Nerves and Reduce Stress: Abhyanga is an excellent way to relax and soothe the nervous system. If you do it more often, you will be able to experience its great effects. Even in the midst of day-to-day life’s chaos, abhyangam helps you perceive an overall sense of peace and tranquillity, leading to stress relief. When faced with challenging situations or decisions, abhyangam can help us maintain more clarity and calmness.

Boosts Stamina and Alertness: Increased alertness and stamina throughout the day is a wonderful and sometimes overlooked advantage of self-massage using herbal massage oils. This is because massage increases metabolism, helps nourish and restore skin tone and muscles, optimises the body’s ability to remove toxins, and revitalizes and energises the body’s cells.

Better Sleep at Night: If you’re having difficulties sleeping, do abhyangam right before bedtime. Grab your favorite scented massage oil and set aside some time in the evening to relax with a warm oil massage and a warm bath.

Maintains a Healthy Blood Pressure: The researchers analysed the participants’ blood pressure during the study. Blood pressure in patients with prehypertension dropped after abhyangam. This might have something to do with how massage affects the circulation system. The blood vessels dilate during a traditional massage. This improves blood pressure by increasing blood flow and decreasing artery resistance.

Improves Skin Health: Healthy skin is one of the key benefits of abhyangam massage, according to the experts. The oil is applied to the skin to nourish it, reportedly improving its overall appearance. Massage strokes are thought to:

  • Improve skin circulation
  • Wrinkles, cellulite, and scars are reduced in appearance
  • Enhance skin suppleness and smoothness
  • Hyperpigmentation is reduced

Reduce Muscle Stiffness: The aggravation of Vata in the body, according to Ayurveda, is the primary cause of all sorts of pain. It induces hypersensitivity, resulting in muscle soreness and tenderness. Abhyangam massage is beneficial in the treatment of conditions connected with muscle discomfort. Another advantage of Abhyangam is improved muscle and joint flexibility and mobility.

Promotes Lymphatic Drainage: The body’s lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that transport lymph fluid throughout the body. Fluid in the lymphatic system can build up owing to surgery or a medical condition, resulting in swelling or lymphedema. The application of heated herbal oil in a rhythmic flow in the direction of natural lymph fluid circulation is used in Abhyangam therapy. Because the lymphatic system naturally detoxifies the body by collecting toxins and filtering them out, the Abhyangam full body massage with therapeutic oils aids in toxin removal and detoxification.

Detox and Weight Management: Abhyanga is an excellent approach to detox on a daily basis. Warm oil massage helps to release toxins from the body’s soft tissues, allowing them to be eliminated by our bodies’ elimination systems. Abhyangam can help with good weight management and be an effective daily detox if we take advantage of this benefit and combine it with daily exercise. Abhyanga is a type of massage that tones the muscles while also getting the blood flowing.

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Ayurdhara is a top-notch ayurvedic centre in Dubai that offers various treatments and therapies. Abhyangam is our main massage therapy which gives overall wellness to your body and mind. We offer a wide range of curative and wellness therapies performed by certified technicians under the supervision of experienced and licensed doctors, all while maintaining the authenticity of Ayurveda in a modern setting.


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