Yoga Therapy In Ayurveda

Yoga Therapy in Ayurveda An Overview

BY ayurdhara|October 19, 2022

Ayurveda’s physiological concept provides the framework for comprehending how yoga promotes health. The therapeutic wing of yoga is called Ayurveda. Each person has unique physiology with inclinations that might lead to imbalances, according to Ayurveda. Unbalances won’t appear and a person will remain healthy by leading a balanced lifestyle that counteracts these tendencies. Ayurdhara is a leading ayurvedic clinic in Dubai that offers various effective treatments and therapies.


Lifestyle is the method via which normal physiology is restored in cases where a person is already out of balance, ill or unwell, physically or emotionally. Ayurveda makes use of diet, herbs, colors, fragrances, massage, music, and yoga therapy to return the body to its normal state of health. Meditation, mantra, pranayama, and asana are all part of yoga therapy.


The individuality of each person’s approach to their yoga practice is what sets Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy apart. By tailoring one’s yoga routine to their unique needs, one can contribute to the process of healing and the recovery of normal physiology. Based on a person’s unique constitution and any existing imbalances, Ayurveda yoga therapy thoughtfully applies yoga techniques.


Yoga for healing: How to do it right


The right way to use yoga for healing involves a lot of fine points. People with a Vata nature or imbalance tend to move their bodies and minds excessively, which can cause a variety of imbalances such as anxiousness, twitching, and an erratic heartbeat. Yoga must be practiced slowly to restore normal physiology and encourage recovery. Moving swiftly just serves to intensify the neurological system’s excitability. We are known as the best Ayurvedic Hospital in Dubai.


People with a pitta nature or imbalance frequently feel overheated, which can show up as skin rashes, eye inflammation, and a critical attitude. Yoga exercises must be practiced in a way that prevents overheating. Through an understanding of the energy of asana and how to use the breath to cool the body and mind, one can manage the physiology of the body to prevent an increase in heat.


People with a Kapha nature or imbalance often feel heavy, sluggish, and fluid. For normal physiology to return, yoga techniques must promote lightness, mobility, and dryness. These attributes can be encouraged through asana practice and pranayama. One must perform asana swiftly while maintaining mindfulness to correct the Kapha imbalance and return to health.


Of course, there is a lot more to yoga for healing. Ayurvedic yoga therapists are familiar with the energetics of each pose, how they move the five vayus, or primary forces, of the body, and how they affect the properties of the five elements. This information enables the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist to design a patient’s practice to maximize their healing potential. Ayurdhara has been successfully giving Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai for all your health issues.


What makes Ayurveda Yoga Therapy so effective?


A person must experience what yoga can accomplish for themselves and their bodies, beyond simply this particular form. Ayurveda yoga should be practiced because it will reduce tension and encourage mental freedom.


So many individuals lead stressful lives in small bubbles. They permit all of the concerns and negative ideas that life provides them to weigh them down. We tolerate it even though this is a bad way to live. Yoga and Ayurveda both promote stress-free living through their core principles. Without a question, this is the best way to live. We cannot spend our lives fretting about meaningless issues.


Make sure you give yourself the freedom to live regret-free. Find balance and be kind to yourself. You allow yourself to experience a different sunrise and sunset each day. The most essential thing in life is to be happy. You can achieve your nirvana and a small haven of happiness by learning Ayurveda Yoga, and no one will ever be able to take that away from you. Ayurdhara is the best ayurvedic center in Dubai, offering a variety of ayurvedic therapies and treatments.

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