Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices for PCOS Management in 2023

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices for PCOS Management in 2023

BY Sreesanth K A|June 2, 2023

Ayurveda encourages holistic lifestyle. It helps you to stay away from many diseases as well. PCOS being a lifestyle disease, can be controlled by regulated lifestyle. Ayurvedic lifestyle can help you achieve this the most natural and organic way. 


Holistic living of ayurveda

Ayurvedic holistic living completes when various factors combine. Ayurvedic treatment is gaining popularity throughout the world, residents of Dubai can have the benefits of ayurvedic treatment from Ayurdhara .If you are leading a stagnant lifestyle  These factors range from diet to natural living. The list goes like this.

  • Control your craves a bit. Have a balanced diet.
  • Have dosas to your wish but manage doshas.
  • Stress out a bit less. Meditation and self care can help.
  • Reduce the use of synthetic chemicals as medicines. Have Herbs instead.
  • Not just rejuvenative massages, therapies are many.  
  • YOLO is fine but make sure you have a managed lifestyle and daily routines.
  • It’s great that you stay away from hurting nature. Also, have a nature-friendly living.

With ayurvedic holistic living, you can stay away from lifestyle diseases like PCOS. You need to practice by yourself and make your children practice it. Especially when they are girls growing to her adolescent age. 

PCOS definition and difference with PCOD

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal – reproductive disorder that is caused by increase of male hormones (or androgens) in females. PCOS is majorly characterised by an increase of testosterone towards the age of adolescence in girls. 


Even though the root cause is not well defined, scientists agree upon the influence of hereditary factors, lifestyle as well as environmental factors. Since the PCOS is directly affecting the reproductive cycle, affected women will have irregular menstruation , hormonal imbalance and pain in abdomen and lower back. It is also characterised by unusual hair growth and acne. 


Polycystic Ovary Disorder (PCOD) on the other hand is just an older less explanatory term for PCOS. However, PCOD is an almost obsolete term as the medical experts prefer to call the condition PCOS only. 

PCOS treatment using ayurveda

Ayurveda promotes managing doshas as the remedy for most of the lifestyle diseases. PCOS is no different. After consulting an ayurvedic practitioner, you can add some ayurvedic rituals and modify your diet plan and lifestyle. This way ayurveda can bring back the hormonal balance and thereby treat PCOS.

Lifestyle, foods and herbs specifically for PCOS control

When I say balancing doshas requires dietary and lifestyle management, that doesn’t mean ayurveda has no medicines to treat PCOS. Ayurvedic PCOS treatment does include herbs as medicines. The herbs like shatavari, triphala, ashwagandha etc are famous for treatment of PCOS.

How stress is related to PCOS and how ayurveda helps in reducing stress?

Stressing out can increase the chances of PCOS. So, controlling stress is important along with dietary and lifestyle management. There are medicinal stress control measures as well in ayurveda. You may opt for that as well which will indirectly help PCOS control. 

How daily routines are related to PCOS and how ayurveda tells you to regulate those?

As mentioned before, a holistic lifestyle is required to make sure hormonal balance in women reaching reproductive age. Including detoxifying herbs in the daily diet can also be considered as lifestyle modification for PCOS regulation. 

How exercises and physical activities contribute to PCOS prevention and what is the ayurvedic formula for it?

Exercises and practices like yoga help you in controlling doshas. They also help you in controlling your stress in daily life. Both of this can contribute to PCOS regulation using holistic living of ayurveda. 

How are the general ayurvedic detoxification practices in improving overall health which also reduces the risk of PCOS?

Ayurvedic detoxification can be done using various methods. However, when considering the characteristics of PCOS, panchakarma is the best detoxification practice for it. Panchakarma helps in removal of toxins, hormonal balance, stress reduction, improved reproductive health and good digestive health. All of these directly and indirectly contribute to the PCOS regulation. 


Ayurveda is the Best Holistic Lifestyle for PCOS

Lifestyle is everything in the case of diseases like PCOS. With a good dietary plan and managed routines you can stay away from PCOS. Ayurveda promotes just the same. In case you are already suffering from PCOS, ayurveda got you there as well. With lifestyle, diet and nature-friendly living you can reduce the chances of PCOS and with herbs like ashwagandha and therapies like panchakarma you can regulate the hormonal imbalances as well.

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